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Scars Included

What is VaryGaughn

VaryGaughn is inspired to combine the story of patina with the sophistication of master craftsmanship, resulting in a unique blend of beauty.




Handmade Leather Goods

ONLY Leather goods made with mastery and artistry


VaryGaughn Belts

handmade intentionally better than the rest on the market

  • full grain vegetable tanned leather
  • brass hardware
  • saddle stitched
  • artisan made
VaryGaughn Belts

VaryGaughn Bags

carry without feeling you need to carry more

simple designs and built to last

  • full grain leather
  • brass hardware
  • saddle stitched
  • artisan made
VaryGaughn Bags

VaryGaughn Merch

shirts, hoodies, hats.... wall art and prints.

here is a print on demand section. these are items that you can buy to help grow the brand, but they are made by a third party. eventually, this will be done in house, but until then, this is a way to have some fun and show your support.


VaryGaughn Upcycled

upcycled and made unique.

comming soon

Luxury Adjacent

Scars Included

somethings to consider

estimated time to create

I am not amazon

If you want it cheaper and overnight,
Ain’t gonna happen
There are options from a to z, Go there

With imagination
With skill
With love
I make art you can use and abuse
And that takes time


The Traditional belt can take up to a day to complete. The VaryGaughn Belt, however, can take up to 1 week to complete. This is BEFORE SHIPPING. this is due to hand stitching.


Bags can take longer depending on the size and design. Most satchels and smaller bags can take up to 1 weeks to complete. This is BEFORE SHIPPING.

Other Leather Goods

Everything takes time to create and develop. You are working with an artist, not factory worker.

If you are in a hurry reach out and we can see what can be done.