Why Lime Green

Why lime green? I have my logo lime green on my mouse pad. My pinky fingernails are painted as well.

Simple answer, I survived Burkitt's Lymphoma.  Lime green is a reminder I am stronger than what tried to kill me. CANCER SUCKS

I was diagnosed in July of 2021, when the doctors found a 7cm tumor in my abdomen.  I had been suffering for 8 months prior and on Aug. 3, 2021, they removed a 12cm tumor from my colon.  

Death had whispered in my ear, "not yet."

Chemotherapy treatment put me in and out of the hospital for up to a week at a time.  My body fell apart and my hair left me.  But with my friends and family, I never felt broken.  My spirit was able to reset and see what was really important.  A blessing within the curse of Cancer.  

While I was in the hospital, I saw the kids at St. Jude, painting their windows.... It still gets me emotional thinking about it.  I promised myself I would live my life as fully as allowed.  I owed it to them who were taken.


VaryGaughn is just that.  I am a performer and artist.  Be it story or art, I care very much for what is left for the ones to follow.  I see the humor in caring about the wrong things.  Take a journey and find out what could be.


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